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Field Of View Calculator

For DSLR and SLR Cameras

To find the field of view (fov) for a camera lens or telescope enter the focal length (fl) and click the calculate button. You can select or convert the fov result format in either degrees-minutes-seconds format or decimal degrees below.

Camera Type :
Focal Length (in mm) :
X Size :

Y Size :

Sampling :   (Arcseconds per Pixel)
Display Format : Degrees, Minutes, Seconds   Decimal

Field Of View Chart

To generate a chart of focal length vs fov enter the starting (minimum) focal length and the ending (maximum) focal length. Choose your camera type and click generate. Optionally you can set the fl increment step and output display format. A new browser window will be opened with the results.

Camera Type :
Minimum FL (mm) :
Maximum FL (mm) :
Increment (mm) :
Display Format : Degrees, Minutes, Seconds   Decimal