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Rho Ophiuchus / Antares Region

Photograph of Rho Ophiuchus / Antares

One of the most colorful areas in the night sky this region in Ophiuchus and Scorpio is a fantastic collection of emmission, reflection, and dark nebulas. This photograph is a 12 by 8 degree area captured using a 100mm lens.

Click image for larger version (1440x964, 760kb).

For an interesting video tour of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud in 720p HD see the Spitzer website (warning: link to large Quicktime movie file, 64mb).

Photograph Information
LocationFlint Hills of Kansas
LensCanon 100mm f2.8 Macro (non-USM) @ f2.8
CameraCanon 350D, Hutech modified type I
Exposurecomposition of 28, 2 minute exposures at ISO 800
NotesExcellent transparancy, temperature around 65°F, good seeing.

Calibrated with bias, dark and flat frames.
Initial RAW conversion, registration and stacking in IRIS.
Noise reduction in PixInsight LE 1.02 Processing in Photoshop CS2

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