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Bolide Over The Okie-Tex Star Party

OTSP Meteor

Spectacular meteor over the star party on Tuesday morning!

David Wang captured the same meteor using a fisheye lens. See the Okie-Tex photo page for that image.

Click image (or here) for larger version (1440 x 1169, 420kb).

Photograph Information
Date09.30.2008, 02:19 CDT
LocationKenton, OK
CameraCanon 20D, Tokina 12-24 lens set for 12mm @f4.
ExposureSingle 30 second exposure at ISO 1600
Notes50°F, 75%RH, Excellent transparency

Initial RAW conversion, slight asinh stretch in IRIS.
Calibrated with bias, dark and flat frames.
Noise reduction in PixInsight LE 1.02 Additional adjustments in Photoshop CS2

Sunday evening view of the observing field from the hillside camera location. The tripod is leveled and weighted down. The photograph represents a similar field of view seen by the camera when mounted in the box. Click image for larger view.



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