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Aurora Sky: Nebraska Star Party

Photograph of Aurora glow at NSP

An unexpected auroral display occurred at the Nebraska Star Party the night of 7/21, really its Wednesday morning the 22nd. After looking at the arc of clouds in the north for 30 minutes I realized they were not clouds! While your eyes could not see the color the first photo I took confirmed my suspicion that this was an aurora. An hour later the glow had diminished but occasionally you were seeing more structure in display.


Photograph Information
Date07.22.2008, 00:43
LocationNebraska Star Party, Merriott Reservoir, by Valentine, NE
LensTokina 12 @ f4
CameraCanon 40D
Exposure30 seconds at ISO 1600
NotesExcellent transparancy, temperature around 62°F, good seeing.

Initial RAW conversion in Lightroom 2.0, additional processing in Photoshop CS2.

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