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NGC869 / NGC884 : The Double Cluster in Perseus

The double cluster is a wonderful naked eye object located in the constellation of Perseus. Best viewed at low power using binoculars or a wide field telescope. This pair of open clusters has been known to man since recorded times.

Click image or here for larger version (1440 x 930, 622kb).

Additional information on the Double Cluster can be found on the SEDS website.

Photograph Information
Date11.22 and 11.24.2008
LocationClearfield Observatory
TelescopeAP130 @ f4.5 w/AP telecompressor
CameraCanon 40D, un-modified
ExposureSum of 75, 2 minute exposures at ISO 400
NotesBoth nights around 32°F, 85%rh, with good seeing and good transparency

Initial RAW conversion, mild asinh stretch in IRIS.
Calibrated with bias, dark and flat frames.
Slight noise reduction in PixInsight LE 1.02.
Additional adjustments in Photoshop CS2 including a mild application of star color enhancement as described by Jerry Lodriguss.


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