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M8: Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius

Information about this object can be found on the SEDS website.

This photograph is the entire field of view covered by my AP130 at f6 using the Canon 350D camera. Click on the image for a larger version (1280 x 847, 565kb).

Photograph Information
LocationFlint Hills, KS
TelescopeAP130 @ f6
CameraCanon 350D, Hutech modified type I
ExposureStack of 21, 5 minute exposures at ISO800
Notes66°F, 71%rh, good transparancy

Initial RAW conversion, registration and stacking in IRIS.
Noise reduction in PixInsight LE 1.02 Additional adjustments in Photoshop CS2

Inexpensive instant cold packs were used during the sequence of exposures and following dark frame acquisition to reduce camera temperature. This worked effectively to reduce noise but is cumbersome to use; both attaching to the camera and maintaining any temperature consistency.


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