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M106 Group : M106, NGC4217 and others in Canes Venatici

Photograph composition inspired by the writing of Sue French in the Deep-Sky Wonders section of Sky and Telescope, May 2006. On the left is M106 while NGC 4217 is the galaxy on the right with a dark dust lane running through it. There are several more smaller galaxies in this picture.

Click image for larger version, 1440x1181, 328kb.

Additional information about these objects can be found on the SEDS website

Photograph Information
LocationClearfield Observatory
TelescopeAP130 @f6 w/AP field flattener
CameraCanon 350D, Hutech modified type I
ExposureComposite of 19, 5 minute exposures at ISO 800.
Notes48°F, 77%rh, transparency ranged from average to good.
Initial RAW conversion, registration and adjustment in IRIS.
Additional adjustments in Photoshop CS2.
Noise reduction in PixInsight LE 1.02

Reprocessed 04.26.2006

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