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IC1284: Nebula in Sagittarius

IC1284 is the combination emision and reflection nebula nearly centered of this image. To the lower right of IC1284 are two blue 'eyes' which are NGC 6589 and NGC6590.

This is a crop of the original image. Click the image for the wide field version (720 x 1083, 429kb) featuring dark nebula and countless stars showing the beauty of this portion of the milky way.

Photograph Information
LocationFlint Hills, KS
TelescopeAP130 @ f6
CameraCanon 350D, Hutech modified type I
ExposureStack of 21, 6 minute exposures at ISO 800
Notes59°F, 95%rh, good transparancy

Initial RAW conversion, registration and stacking in IRIS.
Additional adjustments in Photoshop CS2
Noise reduction in PixInsight LE 1.02

Reprocessed 2006.06.28


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