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Okie-Tex Star Party : Saturday Great Okie-Tex Giveaway (Part II)

After the "Great Okie-Tex Giveaway" on Saturday night the crowd came streaming out of the big tent. This photo is a composition of three exposures over about two minutes time. The visual of a hundred people walking with red lights was even better on Thursday when no moon was present.

Updated 10.07.2009, four years later, see below.

Over the years I've watched for the opportunity to reshot this scene without luck. Following an exchange I had with Ann after NSP I revisited this photo. With better image processing skills I've cleaned up and improved the original composition. Click the image or here for a larger version (1200x800, 400k).

Photograph Information
LocationOkie-Tex Star Party
CameraCanon 300D, Tokina 28mm at f/11.
ExposureSum of 3, 30 second exposures at ISO 800
NotesClear skies

Combined in Photoshop CS2.
Noise reduction in PixInsight LE 1.02


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