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Markarian's Chain : Galaxy cluster in Virgo

Markarian's Chain is a wonderful string of galaxies in Virgo. The largest and brightest galaxies on the right side are M 86 and M 84.

Click image for larger version (1600x1066).

Photograph Information
LocationMonument Rocks, Kansas
TelescopeAP130 @ f6 w/field flattener
CameraCanon 5D Mark II, unmodified
ExposureStack of 16, 9 minute exposures at ISO 800
Notes28°F, 99%rh, average transparency, average seeing.

RAW conversion, registration and stacking in DeepSkyStacker. Processing in Photoshop CS2

For the first time I tried dithering between every exposure using a script to control PHD. Worked well but I still had very minor guiding oscillations in RA. Need to work on that. Total of 21 exposures taken but worsening transparency and seeing towards morning. This resulted in DeepSkyStacker grading out 5 images resulting in 16 exposures stacked for a total exposure length of 2 hours 24 minutes.


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