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C/2004 Q2 Machholz

Saturday night, January 8 2005, Comet Machholz high in the night sky passes the Pleiades (M45). Also visible in this shot is the California Nebula upper right and the Hyades open cluster on the left part of the picture.

This was the first clear night since the start of the new year for eastern Kansas. However the sky conditions were not good with intermittent thin clouds, terrible transparency, and poor seeing. Despite the conditions the comet was a delight to see glowing next to the Pleiades.

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Photograph Information
Date2005.01.08 22:05 - 22:30 CDT
LocationWest side of the Cemetery outside Cassoday, KS
TelescopeOM1 camera piggyback on G11 mount, 50mm lens at f2.8
FilmSupra 400
ExposureComposition of 2, 10 minute exposures
NotesCropped and resized slightly from original image.

27°F, 98%rh

Location used for picture was somewhat light polluted. It was not possible to reach our regular dark site in the Flint Hills as 3/4 inch of ice made back roads impassable.

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