Howard's Astronomical Adventures

C1996B2 : Comet Hyakutake

The Great Comet of 1996

Comet Hyakutake was the most spectacular thing I had ever seen in the night sky. The long tail easily stretched from the North Star through the Big Dipper. Nearly invisible in the city, its' grandouer could only be appreciated where there are dark skies.

This comet was my first attempt at astrophotography. On March 26, 1996, with my Canon AE1 camera, two lens and a small tripod I went to Wallace State Park in Missouri. This is a semi-dark location but it didn't really matter: the moon was first quarter.

Photograph Information
LocationWallace State Park, Cameron, MO.
TelescopeNone, tripod mounted, Canon AE-1, 28mm F2.8
FilmKonica Color Negative 3200 ASA
Exposureabout 45 seconds
NotesTemperature about 30°F, I forgot my gloves.

Composition of two exposures combined to help reduce grain.

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